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Hairstylist Billings MT

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Hand painted Balayage Ombre by Leigh Parks!! So pretty!! Best Hairstylist Billings MT!

hairstylist billings mt

Fun around the salon! Some real talent!!

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Fall Facial Special with Jacque Wesa

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Becky Conner – Nail Specialist

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029 Rebecca Conner

For over 20 years I knew my dream job was to be a professional nail tech.  A little over three years ago,  I finally got my chance to make that dream come true.  I could not love my job more.  It is hard to do something you love this much and imagine making a living out of it. Not to mention, I work with the most talented women in the business.

I love that our profession is ever evolving and changing.  Presenting it with new challenges and styles everyday. Something new and beautiful is always coming our way.

I have amazing opportunities every day to send women out of the salon feeling more beautiful then when they came in.

Sculpting beautiful acrylic fingernails, (or even toe nails), performing relaxing pedicures and manicures is my goal everyday.

Nail art is where I live!  Creating beautiful nail art to enhance your personal style is my passion.

Come see me, let’s bring your ideas to life



Sherri Press Rose – Creative Hair Designer

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033 Sherri Rose

Your Toes Hold All The Clues

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written by GoodHousekeeping

What Does Your Foot Shape Say About Your Personality?

Apparently, the shape of your foot can say many things about your character and personality. When we heard this, we were slightly dubious. But we thought we’d take a look at the test to see if any of it rung true. Scarily, some of it was spot on! Read below and see if it matches up for you.

Your Toes Hold All The Clues, Pedicures Billings MT

There are four basic types of feet that apparently determine the way we are:

Also known as the “Roman Foot,” this foot type denotes someone with a balanced and well-proportioned body shape, typical of someone who is outgoing and sociable. And who is always ready to learn new things, as well as open to love and new experiences. Apparently, it’s a distinguishing feature of travelers and people who love to discover new cultures. Click here to read more.



Facial Special with Sammie Semmler

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Go Griz and Tiffany Blue done by CeCelia Derheim, Go Skyview done by Becky Conner and sparkle blue and turquoise done by Meggan Halligan

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Hair by Misty DeLeon Firebaugh

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Fun and fabulous!

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