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December 22, 2015
Whitney Blomberg
May 22, 2017

permanent cosmetics billings mtPermanent Cosmetics Billings MT

At SofTap ® Permanent Cosmetics the process is done by the manual SofTap ® method. SofTap ® is a registered trademark of SofTap Permanent Cosmetics. We use a set of several fine single needles that are dipped into a permanent pigment mixture and then applied into the skin according to the desired shape or design that is pleasing to the client having the procedure done.

What is the SofTap ® Technique?

The SofTap ® technique is a registered trademark. Only our graduates have mastered this permanent makeup technique. The SofTap ® technique is a very controlled, gentle and safe technique compared to other methods. It’s so gentle that many times a topical anesthetic does not have to be applied.

Why do clients prefer the SofTap ® technique over all other permanent makeup procedures?

Simply said, it is the most gentle and comfortable procedure and it looks the most natural. With the SofTap ® technique individual fine hairs can be easily and artistically draw on.

The final look is natural, soft, powdery and subtle.

The method tries to give you a natural look and is not comparable with the traditional Tattoo – method ! It has much more to do with Cosmetics than with anything else.